Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Saturday Everyone-
It's a beautiful fall day outside. Abbie and I are about to get ready and run some errands. Then we are going to have lunch with Grandpa. Last night we met Aunt Courtney at the park and had a great time. We ended our afternoon with dinner at IHOP!!! YUMMY. It's so wonderful to see what a beautiful young girl she is becoming. She is USUALLY so kind to other kids and makes friends very easily! (Just like her daddy!!!)
Tonight though, I really can not wait for. You see, for weeks now...Terry and Abbie have been talking about a "camping trip". Neither one of them have EVER been camping mind I would have loved for this plan to have come to life!!! To be honest, I'm not quite sure where the conversation came from...but they went so far as to shop for tents/sleeping bags/ect. The origional plan was to go to Gigi's house (the one they are not living in at the moment) and camp in the front yard. That way, if they HAD to go inside...they could. Then it turned into a trip with Aunt the location switched to NahNah's house. is NOVEMBER afterall, so Terry had the bright idea to "camp" inside. So-tonight Terry, Leacie, and Abbie will "camp" in Leacie's room at NahNah's house and I will have OUR house all to myself! I have not spent the night ALONE since I was pregnant...that was a LONG TIME AGO!!!!!!!!
I can't tell you how refreshing it is to know that I will have 12+ hours to do whatever I want...WHEN I WANT!! Lots of people have asked what my plans are...and to be honest...I have no idea. I might just sit and listen to the peaceful quiet of NOTHING!!! :-) Don't get me wrong-I love Abbie and TL more than anything...but sometimes, you just need peace!
So-I'm off to spend the day with Abbie...I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!!