Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dreading today... Abbie goes to the dentist to get some work done on her mouth. They have to sedate her which is not fun at all! She has been sedated 2 times in the for her tubes and one for her eeg test in the hospital a few years ago. Bless her heart...they gave her the same stuff both times, and she had 2 very different reactions. The first time, she was given the medicine and fell peacefully asleep and the next time, she took hours to settle down. I'm praying that today, she goes fast asleep so that I don't have to see my baby suffer.

Of course, TL has to Mar is going with me. She was with us the 2nd time in the hosptial and saw how horrible it was to hold Abbie down as she was litterally thrashing around for 1.5 hours straight!

Just say a prayer for Abbie to be at peace...and that Dr. Ryan can do what he needs to do and be done!! :-)
Have a great Veterans day, everyone!

Here are some pics from the EEG day...

Abbie before her EEG
Abbie after the medicine started to kick in.

Starting to wake up...
Eating some lunch after we got home.
Sleeping the rest of the medicine off peacefully at home.