Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Softball and Easter

Well I guess you can say that softball season is in full swing! Abbie had her first game last Thursday and she got to "hits" off the tee-and one off the "bat" (as she says)...too cute! My camera is messing up and I don't quite know what's going on...but I'll try to post some pictures asap! My parents and Terry's parents came to her game and it was precious to see Abbie's face looking at her Poppa while she hit! She wants people to be proud of her so's adorable!

I don't think that I posted about it...but at like her 2nd or 3rd practice, Abbie got her mouth busted by a bat!! She and another little girl were playing "swords" and Abbie decided she was done...but the other girl didn't know. I was at my "Mindful Mom's" class at Church and when I was almost home, I checked my phone and was shocked to see about 10 missed calls and texts saying that Abbie was hurt and I needed to come ASAP! Well didn't I feel like the Mom of the year!! Needless to say, I broke nearly every traffic violation I could (don't get me Shar) on my way to Valley Springs. When I got there, I saw Terry and Abbie both covered in blood!! I was happy that we have a couple of nurses on our team (Mom's I mean) and they took good care of her. Thank goodness nothing was broken and no "tooths falled out" (Abbie lingo)!! Abbie was very swollen and bruised for a few days...but now she's back to normal and doing great!

Sunday was Easter and we went to Church in the morning and spent the day @ Terry's parent's/grandparent's house. We had a great lunch and had a lovely day with family. Abbie went to an Easter egg hunt @ Dad's the day before and came home with a TON of candy! After that, she had an "Elizabeth day" and went to I-Hop for lunch and went to go see the Hannah Montana movie with her. Abbie is such a precious little girl and is so blessed to be loved and cared for by so many people!!

Here are some pics from this weekend...