Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sorry it has been months...

So as I have been trying to keep up with all my friend's blogs...I have come to realize that I have neglected ours horribly!!! post since January??!!?? Anyway-lots has happened...

*Abbie got to go to the Health Adventure to a "Breakfast with Curious George". Her Uncle Robert was able to sign us up and we won a 4-pack of tickets. It was so fun. I have to admit that I was expecting a little more than granola bars and bananas...but it was fun to play with all the cool stuff. Abbie had never been and we got to take our friend (and neighbor) Addie (and her Mommy).

*I celebrated my 27th birthday. It is so hard to believe that I am so close to 30!!! Oh well...we all have to "grow up"'s about time for me to start. ;-)

*Abbie adores Sarah, her Godmother and we have tried to get together at least one time a far it's gone pretty good. They have a new baby so I feel bad asking for her to take time out of her crazy schedule-but Abbie loves her and WHO wouldn't do anything for Abbie???? ;-)

*Terry and I celebrated Valentine's day at a local place called Charlotte Street Grill. It was very nice. We dropped Abbie off at church where the youth were babysitting for the night. We have never left her like that before...but of course, she did great and had a wonderful time. Terry and I were able to have a nice dinner and converstaion. It was great!

*We had a pretty big snow storm here the first week of March. We were lucky that it started on a Sunday so Terry could be home for some of it. Abbie and her Daddy went out and played and had a blast! They made a snowman...Abbie's first I do believe...It was really cute. It wasn't really snowman making "snow"...but they did a great job with what they had!!!

*Abbie and Terry have started having a few "date nights"...that's what Abbie calls them anyway. They first went to go see Jonas Brothers 3-D (at $15 a pop...for a MOVIE!!). Then Terry took her to see a Prom Dress Fashion show...Abbie LOVES any sort of dress-up...and any pretty dress to her is a "princess dress" it was WONDERFUL FOR HER! Both times, she got dressed up in her own "princess dress" with make-up and fancy earrings too!! She even wanted her hair was too cute!

*Abbie has started softball...really t-ball...but of course to her it's softball. Her daddy is the coach and today we had the first practice. She is supposed to have practice on Monday and Saturday-but just our luck, the first practice scheduled for Monday was rained today we went out for the first time. Terry had to work, so he sent me and Abbie. We are so lucky to have some great Daddy's on the team that totally took over. The girls did a great job. I had to laugh though when Abbie was working really hard fielding the ball-when all of a sudden...she decided it was time for a water break. She doesn't like to get sweaty-and I guess that she decided that it was time for a little rest. She did hit the ball one time when they were pitching to her...which of course was TOO COOL...she got so excited-and then couldn't hit it anymore. Grandpa (my dad) came to practice for a little bit and Abbie was all smiles...but then realized that if Grandpa was there-Gigi and Poppa should be there too!!! I can't wait for the games...Abbie is going to have her own cheering section.

*The baby process is still in the making. We are going on 14 months now with no luck...I have been to the doctor several times and this past the first bit of good news. The medicine that they put me on-worked...and my blood pressure was good too. We are just playing the waiting game right now, so we will just have to wait and see. It's hard to just sit back and wait-but I have to know that God has a plan for everything and I just need to leave it in His hands.
Our relationship has become very stressed-and we just need to sit back and relax. Hopefully in the next week or so-we can get everything worked out and get back on the right track...please keep us in your prayers.

*Abbie is doing wonderful. She is very excited about the nice weather and being able to play at the park. We went several times this week and we enjoyed it so much. She is such a bright little girl and I'm so proud to be her Mommy. Abbie is very excited about going to "big school" next year...lets just hope that things work out for her to go across the street...time will tell.

So-there are a few updates. I am going to try to keep up with this thing a little better. I hope that everyone has a great rest of your weekend...Enjoy the beautiful weather!!!

Congrats Liz!!! Good luck Leacie...