Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Summer

I can't believe it summer! Abbie and I started our summer off by waking up at 6 am!! I am going to HAVE to teach this kid how to sleep in. She enjoyed her first day of vacation yesterday at Gigi's house while I was at work. She spent all day there and we even stayed for dinner. It was great! This morning, we went to get our free breakfast at Chick fil a and then headed to Walmart to do some food shopping. It's been quite awhile since we have been BIG grocery shopping-so it was time! I now remember why I don't take her if I can help it when I am getting more than bread or milk!!!
She finished her first softball season the other night. They placed 2nd in the tournament. I am so proud of her. She came a long way during the season! She really enjoyed it. She already can't wait until next year. TL is coaching all-stars and she is the "bat girl" so she will be able to at least practice with them which will be good.
Anyway-I just wanted to put a few more pics on here. Enjoy!